This Case Study focuses on how SEO has helped farming and aquaculture firm’s reach on Google increase.

Client Profile:

Our client is a group of professional and experienced people joined together with one common goal of farming and aquaculture promising the world’s best Hi-Tech Agriculture and Aquaculture.

Our client provides excellent services which also includes Turmeric vertical farming under poly-house. Product quality is the area of focus along with on-time supply and transportation of cultivated vegetables & mints.

They have various services like:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Aquaculture
  3. Mobile Application for villagers
  4. Health care


Our client’s various digital goals included

  1. The main objective of our client was an awareness of vertical farming
  2. They needed leads from a website.
  3. To get their website promoted on Google’s 1st page to get traffic and leads.

They already have their digital presence on their company website, however, there was a lack of results. So they decided to search for a better digital partner.

Our client got associated with us for SEO services.


There were several challenges that we’re not letting our client grow like:

  1. Poor website design
  2. Not user-friendly
  3. No marketing element in their website to capture leads
  4. Site speed was poor
  5. Technical errors on the website
  6. Less content on-site- Content is essential, not only for keywords and page rankings but also it helps the consumer with the detailed information of the products they are interested in.

The above-mentioned challenges are the most important criteria that help a website rank on Google.


We used various aspects of digital marketing to fulfill the digital goals of our client. We were focused on being very need-oriented & responsive to the requirements of our client.

  1. We ran an SEO audit and keyword research on vertical farming, accordingly we strategize and planned SEO.
  2. Some of the keywords were:
    1. Vertical farming in India
    2. vertical farming companies in India
    3. vertical farming turmeric
    4. turmeric cultivation in polyhouse
    5. turmeric farming in polyhouse
    6. vertical farming project in India
  3. We strategically wrote Onpage SEO
  4. Optimized content & placed marketing elements.
  5. After the Onpage SEO is thoroughly set up, we did the backlink analysis and found the backlink profile to be poor.
  6. We started acquiring backlinks from High Authority DA & PA sites.


  1. We were able to observe significant SEO results in 90 days once enough backlinks were crawled by Google.
  2. Soon after the primary keywords ranked on Google’s 1st page the leads & inquiries started to generate from the website organically.
  3. Soon after 2 months the number of leads increased by 1000% & Organic traffic increased by 300%.