This Case Study focuses on how SEO has helped farming and aquaculture firm’s reach on Google increase.

Client Profile:

Our client is a commercial leader in an enviable indoor vertical farming.

They grow crops under artificial conditions of light and temperature.

It aims at higher productivity in compact spaces.

It uses soil-less methods and also use the latest sensing technologies & data science such as machine vision and AI to fulfill their mission.

They constantly monitor all of the macro and micronutrients for plants to provide them with everything that they need to thrive.

They take the exact same seed from the field and grow it in half the time as a traditional field farmer.

This helps for higher productivity, lower water use, fresh produce which eventually helps the environment


Our client's various objective includes:

  1. To Impart awareness among the People about Vertical Farming .
  2. The Company has well established players and are the center of the Market place.
  3. To grow the best plants possible for People which benefits the Environment as well

They already have their digital presence on their company website, however, there was a lack of results. So they decided to search for a better digital partner.


There were several challenges that we’re not letting our client grow like:

  1. Company's website wasn't visible in the top 3 on Google search engine so their Clients were facing difficulty in finding their website
  2. Due to this, it was hindering their lead generation and not many people were aware about this due to lack of social media engagement

The above-mentioned challenges are the most important criteria that help a website rank on Google.


We reviewed their website technicalities and came up with unique solutions to optimize the on-page and off-page factors in SEO, social media and development of their services through digital concepts.

We performed a detailed baseline examination and identified which things were correct and were showing good results.

We also led a SEO audit and keyword research on vertical farming and accordingly created an implementation plan that were expected to have measurable results.

The main purpose of making the audit was to identify the issues which were made during the initial stage of the website which were influencing search performance.

Things a Customer-focused Website has:


    • Website was designed poorly in terms of user friendliness and no marketing element was added to capture leads.
    • For this, we tried to understand the customer’s online behavior which gave us an insight into which things were giving a good result.
    • We checked and worked on these parameters. • The links and buttons should be clickable.
    • The website was developed with new features which increased the lead generation according to the plan. The website was designed in such a way that was easy to navigate, and easy to comprehend.


    • The website speed was poor & there were a lot of technical errors on the website which lowered the rank of the website.
    • If the website speed is slow, the conversion rates are less. • Faster sites create happy users and it’s a human tendency to leave the site when the speed is slow.
    • Therefore, to enhance the speed we optimized the website and made the necessary changes.
    • Optimization of the website increased the conversion rates.


    • The content on the site was too less.
    • The website will only appear in search engine when the content is relevant to the website’s purpose.
    • Content is essential, not only for keywords and page rankings, but it should also help the consumer with the detailed information of the consumer’s interest.

Backlink Analysis:

  • After the On-Page SEO was setup, we did the backlink analysis.
  • Back link analysis gave us a better understanding of the web site's ability to rank well in search engine results and we could also identify undesirable links.
  • As per the analysis the backlink profile was not working fine.
  • We acquired backlinks from High Authority DA & PA sites and made it work successfully.

Social Media Marketing:

  • The company had accounts on Facebook and Instagram but still needed to make account on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • The accounts need to have more structured data.
  • To know the audience and their choices, the company needed to stay active on almost all the social media platforms.
  • Also to get consistent in uploading various posts on your Instagram page, using more hashtags would help to reach more people.

Content Strategy:

  • Added videos and more photos to your webpages related to the company’s content.
  • Started answering the queries more and tried guest blogging on the webpage.
  • Stayed active on social media by posting impressive content to get to the right audience


  1. We were able to observe significant SEO results in just 90 days once enough backlinks were crawled by Google.
  2. The primary keywords ranked on Google’s 1st page and the leads and enquiries started to generate from the website organically.
  3. The number of leads increased by 1000% & Organic traffic increased by 300% in the next two months.
  4. Through social media engagement, we were able to reach a lot of new people, who weren’t aware about the company.
  5. Thus, social media helped to reach maximum no of people and still playing an important role to increase the reach.