As you know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often about making some modifications in parts of your website. If you notice them individually, they might look like incremental improvements, but when seen with optimization, they show a noticeable change in site’s user experience and performance in organic search results.

Sometimes you just want to know about what you should and what you should not do for your SEO. Below are some simple dos and don’ts for SEO, which will help you to create a successful SEO for your business.

  • Do: Use relevant links:

    When we use links in SEO, it is always quality that matters and not the quantity. If you put too many links in your content it will make the content look more spammy, while on the other hand if you use only relevant links which are informative and required, it will tend to benefit your SEO.

  • DON’T: Copy large piece of external content:

    Duplicating your own content doesn’t harm your SEO but on the other hand it doesn’t help either. As, the search engines are much smarter, they always go for the original content and not the copied one. Duplicating a small amount of content will never hurt, but copying and pasting big segments probably will.

  • Do: focus on you content:

    First thing to ensure in your content is the title followed by the first paragraph. The title of the content should always be the best as it generates interest in the mind of readers to read more. After the title the readers come to the first paragraph. You should make sure that the content should not contain irrelevant information.

  • DON’T: Allow for slow page speeds:

    It is observe that if your page is taking more time to load, the readers are likely to loose their interest in reading further. The maximum time a user expects for a page to load is 3 seconds. If your content takes much time to load, the user is likely to press back button.

  • Do: create relevant content:

    If you know how to make content relevant, SEO can be a little simple for you. The content should be of such a quality that the user creates interest in reading it. In addition to this if you add quotes in your content there is a more possibility of getting back links from other sites too.

  • DON’T: Stuff keywords:

    It is important to use keywords in your content but, stuffing the content with a lot of keywords is not good. If you fill the paragraph with keyword after keyword, google will not respond kindly.

  • Do: Make things easy to share on social media:

    Sharing is an important part in today’s world. The content which is shared on social media is not just an excellent way for marketing but it also shows up in search results. Content which gets spread widely on social media gets viral itself..

  • DON’T : Sacrifice mobile performance:

    Mobile has become an important part in doing search these days. Almost every search is done on mobiles. If you are using any service, make sure it doesn’t hinder mobile performance.

  • Do: Use Analytics to measure performance:

    Before starting with the content, you must know that which keywords are you tryin to rank for. Using keyword analytics is effective way for this. This helps you to find out which phases need more attention.

  • DON’T: Ignore user search intent:

    You must ensure that the keywords that you are using are relevant to the content you are writing but, what should not happen is that you just blindly write content without considering what users are hoping to find.

  • Do: Publish evergreen content:

    For any inbound marketing strategy, EVERGREEN is the best gift which always keeps on giving. This content is meant to stand the test of time. You should make sure that your content should be relevant today as well as 5 years from today. This helps to bring traffic on your website continuously over the time and helps in bringing more visitors to your page. While creating evergreen content, have an idea about what things will help to retain its long term value to the readers. Always try to remove things like breaking news or any timely news, anything which involves data that is meant to change over time, seasonal content, pop culture news and fashion news.

  • DON’T: Use misleading linking methods:

    Using internal links in your website is a great way to make people stay on your website for a little longer time. If they find a link or something they find interest in, they are likely to follow it to another page on your site. But it is your responsibility to integrate these links honestly.