Sometimes you just want to know about what you should and what you should not do for your SEO. Below are some simple dos and don’ts for SEO, which will help you to create a successful SEO for your business.

  • Know thyself and thy industry:

    Before you can begin to promote yourself with digital marketing, you need to understand who you really are as a brand. That means taking the time to think what you stand for and to whom you speak to. You speak differently to your parents when you are in family than you do when you are at bar. They are extremely different audiences. If you understand your audience, you will better understand the voice which you should speak. It is not enough to know thyself. You must know your industry too. If you sell gloves, you should be following the world greatest glove maker on social media, reading blogs and feeds from glove experts and attending different conferences for the same. You need to know everything about gloves! Take time everyday to read about you industry, even if it’s just 20 minutes.

  • Demonstrating passion in searchable way:

    A company whose employees and executives are vocal on channels they are trying to convince you to use it is extremely important. Their social media presence shows that how much they are passionate for the industry. It also shows whether they are committed to up to the mark and showcase their real life knowledge of how digital marketing works.

  • Maintaining team work:

    Creativity is not limited to just one person neither knowledge is. Some people in the agency are surely better than others in some or the other thing like in technical aspects of a website, while someone else may demonstrate an affinity for social media, and some other might have a voice that resonates with the readers. A good agency maintains teamwork and does collaborations which help their agency to get a pull of all these knowledge together to develop a program which can attract and engage the audience. It has the extra bonus of providing more points of contact for you, and also creating higher degree of support for the program.

  • Staying in a constant contact:

    It is important to work with an agency that sets expectation in term of what you can expect from them, and what expect from you. Frequent meetings, follow ups and time to time reporting helps to make sure if all the objectives of the program are being met or not also it shows your dedication to success. An agency that does this is more likely to share updates with you.

  • Diversify:

    Because the digital space is consistently changing, good digital marketing agencies make sure their strategies are spread out across multiple disciples. This means focusing not just on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or social media. Certain elements of search engine optimization, social media, paid advertising and content are timeless. But, diversifying also means shifting digital marketing strategies as new ones develop. Not only you need to know about thy industry but you also need to know about what is current in digital marketing.

  • Be consistent:

    It is easy to do something once, but it is difficult to do the same thing day in and day out. Digital marketing is all about here and now. It is always changing. What was true yesterday may not be true today. Good digital marketing industries consistently add new things and update their posts. They aim for:

    • Ongoing search engine optimization
    • Regular monitoring on social media
    • Blog posts frequently
    • Frequent paid advertisement adjustments

  • Use right tools:

    A successful digital marketing industry knows the value of using the right tools as it save both time and energy. There are many digital marketing tools can be helpful to increase the traffic of your website and improve your conversion rate. If there is a tool that can ease the burden of time and budgeting constrains or a one that can dramatically improve your productivity – then you owe it to both yourself and you team to grab it with both hands.

  • Seek help whenever needed:

    No digital marketer is an island. The best digital marketers are never afraid to seek for help whenever needed. Although self motivation is integral to their career, they have the knowledge of teams, tribes and networks. They seek out the help and support of mentors- they ask questions, welcome feedback and take notes. On twitter, they reach out to influencers to ask for advice, to get quotes for articles and to receive help sharing their content.

  • Network and build new relationship:

    Networking is lifeblood of any agency. A successful Digital marketing agency keeps a steady flow of customers coming through the door to keep their business alive. They establish good relations with other industries also related professionals like web designers, graphic designers, photographers, content teams etc. because it’s a great way to get referral business. Maintaining relations with Professionals from the other industries are also a great source of information for their industry, to help them continue learning and make their digital marketing agency more successful.

  • Maintaining diverse book of clients:

    This indicates that an agency is able to understand other industries. Spending time to look deeply into what makes agencies tick and evaluate their internal teamwork, organization and commitment to communication provides essential insights into how they treat their clients