This Case Study focuses on how SEO has helped a management consultancy’s reach on Google increase.

Client Profile:

Our client is a Management Consultancy based in India focused on HR-based solutions and improving efficiency. They deliver their services using their basic values like Simplicity, Legacy, Innovation, Collaboration & Excellence. Our Client’s mission is to emerge as the leading management consultancy and solutions company offering a comprehensive range of services and products at competitive prices, ensuring high standards of customer service and world class operating efficiency.


Our clients various digital goals included

  • To showcase their services and products to the Internet users.
  • To help companies looking for HR Solutions.
  • Get relevant traffic on their website and ranking on Google’s 1st page

They already have their digital presence on their company website, however there was a lack of results. So they decided to search for a better digital partner. Our client got associated with us for SEO, Ad words & Lead Generation services.


There were several challenges that were not letting our client to grow like:

  • Poor content on their website
  • Loading speed of their website
  • Technical errors in their website

These issues were the reason why they weren’t ranked like they wanted on the Google search engine.


We used various aspects of digital marketing to fulfill the digital goals of our client.

Stages of execution:

  1. We started with analyzing their existing website
  2. We listed down all the issues with their current website:
    • Missing service pages - a crucial part to provide customers with services on the website
    • Site speed was poor - if the loading speed of any website is poor, it disinterests most of the people who were first attracted to their website.
    • Technical errors - This plays a huge role in the SEO and ranking on the google search engine.
    • Content was way less on the website - Content is essential, not only for keywords and page rankings, but also it helps the consumer with the detailed information of the products they are interested in.
  3. Therefore we wrote strategic
    • Onpage SEO
    • Made dedicated pages for each and every service offered This really adds to the content on the page and informs the potential customers about everything they want to know at one place. This also helps our client have several different pages each dedicated to a specific service making it easier for users of their website. This in a huge way also adds to the ranking done.
    • We put the quality content on the service pages
  4. We ran an SEO audit and keyword research on HR Solutions and related high search terms, accordingly we strategized and planned SEO
    We used specific keywords like
    • labour law consultant
    • labour law consultant in mumbai
    • pf esic consultant in mumbai
    • factory compliance services
    • Vendor Audit Services
    • manpower outsourcing services

To help them appear on the first page of Google search engine


  • Ranking on Google’s 1st page on 10 Keywords in 3 Months
  • Traffic increased to 250% in 3 Months
  • Enquiry increased to 90/month