Our Services

Congratulations, you are on the right place for startups mentoring.
The best ideas for helping the startups are visioned in a very creative way.
Together if we work, trust us we can do wonders.

Startups with no sale

 Worried about sales? Then my friend let me see a smile, We are here to help.

Guiding students/beginners for entrepreneurship

People are Stuck with the initials, take proper guidance here. Absolutely free in the beginning.

Startups Mentoring

Have you got blown away because of less efficient ideas? Get mentored here by the experts.

Business Consultancy

Above is the important factor. Got no proper consultancy? Give me a hi-fi, this website is for you only.

Developing marketing plans

Good plans need vision and we are here with our arms opened to get you through all these.

Guiding your team

If entrepreneurs implement our suggestions and learnings from the mentoring sessions, they can channelize their efforts towards brighter chances of success.

Some happy clients and industries we have worked for:

  • Data analysts catering to fortune 1000 company

    Have mentored freelancer data analyst and employees of fortune 1000 company to give them new ideas, better perspective and techniques to be unique in their approach.

  • Productive discussion and report

    A productive discussion on report presentation along with the matter constrained to be added in it. How to take the company in a conversion oriented lookout

  • Food Startup

    For Local food startup , I mentored to increase their outreach, better brand recall and marketing ideas

  • Ghost Writers

    Freelance content writers and ghost writers were mentored to plan USP, marketing goals, pricing strategies, leads generation etc

  • E-commerce Website

    lead generation, branding, marketing, SEO was guided to business catering to online segments.

  • Precious jewellery Website

    The founder of youth monk is owner of renowned online diamond jewellery website which he built from scratch covering all aspects like SEO, SMM, lead generation, content writing, marketing strategy And pricing strategies.

  • Freelancer Portal

    This one is an upcoming AI lased website which is going to launch soon. The initial planning and structuring was mentioned

  • Digital Marketers

    As digitalisation became a thumb rule for any new business,It all says about online marketing, branding and lead generation.