Brands across the globe are slowly coming to terms with the volatile business environment we have found ourselves in with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your company has temporarily frozen operations or has decided to implement an innovation-driven remote working system, how you approach your digital marketing strategy should be a primary focus in these worrying times ahead - if it is not already.

3 inspiring digital marketing strategies in covid-19 are as follows:-

  1. Social Media Marketing

    There’s no doubt that social media is a huge gathering space for people around the world. When you commit to marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube, you get the chance to connect with thousands of potential customers daily without spending much for views.

    Social media marketing is a great strategy for any business owner who has a younger audience or doesn’t have the budget for pricier Google Ads. Through this marketing channel, you can increase brand awareness using organic posts. Plus, you can support your organic content by adding paid, targeted ads, or influencer posts—which you control the budget for—to your social media plan on each platform. Social media also gives you the chance to increase loyalty, as users can engage directly with you and get a human response.

  2. Content Marketing

    If you want to focus on providing as much value to your potential customers as possible during the marketing process, content marketing—specifically, marketing with long-form articles and blogs—is a great strategy.

    While blogging and writing Medium articles may not immediately lead to sales, it’s a highly effective way to draw your target audience into your sales funnel. By providing the information they want to receive as they search for solutions, your articles can also boost your SEO. Because of this, content marketing can actually generate three times the leads per dollar spent than paid search marketing.

  3. Word of Mouth Marketing

    Now that online reviews are the new word of mouth, this type of marketing strategy isn’t the same as it used to be. However, digital referrals still pack the same power as in-person referrals. People trust people—so much so that 68% of consumers will form an opinion after reading as little as one to six reviews.

    A word-of-mouth marketing strategy can give your brand instant credibility as real people vouch for your brand after a real experience. Your current customer base is one of your most effective marketing tools, not to mention one that’s completely free. All you need to do is ask.