In the world of Search Engine Optimization, trends tend to change with time. And there are a lot of SEO tips out there. Let us know about some of the important ones:

  • Creating content around Primary and Secondary Keywords:

    Keyword research is at the core of every effective keyword strategy. Both Primary and Secondary keywords are used in the formation of a great content and knowing how to use them will definitely lead searchers to the website. Primary Keyword should always be the main focus of your leading page. It should contain a strong description of what your page is about and what your brand does. These primary keywords should be the main focus of the whole content.
    Secondary keywords are supporting words which are related to the primary keywords. By using secondary keywords, you will increase the ranking of your website.

  • Remove things that loads slowly:

    You should know that your page time affects your SEO. These pages have higher bounce rates. It is obvious that the longer it will take to load the page, the less time the visitors will spend on your page. You should always check the speed of your site. Always remember to review your website. Check if any elements are there which are dragging down the load time, like any unnecessary plug-in? Remove or restructure them and you will likely observe an increase in the traffic on your website.

  • Always publish the original work/content:

    When you add new pages to your website, it is very important to make sure that you are pulling the original content and avoiding the duplicate one. Especially if there is a presence of heavy blogging in your industry, it would be more preferable to do it in rankings.
    Search Engine Algorithms, particularly Google, are specially designed to sniff out the content which is unique. It is believed that those who publish the original content and are good in practicing SEO are most likely to turn up higher in search list. In the past, there were a few websites which were removed from search engine lists for plagiarizing their content. So originality is always the key!

  • Make sure that your content is evergreen:

    For any inbound marketing strategy, EVERGREEN is the best gift which always keeps on giving. This content is meant to stand the test of time. You should make sure that your content should be relevant today as well as 5 years from today. This helps to bring traffic on your website continuously over the time and helps in bringing more visitors to your page.
    While creating evergreen content, have an idea about what things will help to retain its long term value to the readers. Always try to remove things like breaking news or any timely news, anything which involves data that is meant to change over time, seasonal content, pop culture news and fashion news.

  • Continue learning about SEO:

    As we know that trends on social media keeps on changing just like that, SEO trends also keeps on changing. Marketers always try to determine new practices for this. It is not enough to just know the basic skills; you must know the trending tool which keeps on changing all the time. There are a few easy ways through which you can stay up to date on SEO practices like you can sign in for workshops for different topics and get their certificates. You can join industry association; you must access all the information whenever it comes. Reading is always helpful for learning on different topics. Every year many books are released by top SEO experts. You can pick some of them to know more about SEO and use them in your business for effective results.

  • Format your content for search engines:

    Another thing which really matters is how you use your words and how you format your content. You must ensure that your content is as more informative as it can be. One the other hand it is also very important to make sure that it is easy to understand, friendly for readers, and in the right format. Generally, length of sentences should not be more than 20 words. And while there should not just be a single paragraph, it is also important to check that the other paragraphs are not too long.

  • Increase your word count:

    It is very important to make sure that the content you are writing is comprehensive. It has a major role as it helps people to understand what your content is actually about and if they have any questions in their minds, they can find their answers in the content itself. At the same time you must ensure that your content is not too long. Higher word count also allows you to add more keywords.