As we all know Copywriting is all about encouraging the reader to do something better that you expect them to do without being dominated by you. Copy writing is an art that takes your time and energy to learn new things. As a first thing you need to have a way with words i.e. you are familiar with the words that you are planning to use in copy writing and second thing is to be well aware of them to put in right places. If you are able to attract your reader to remain in your page is well and good. So you have come to the idea of holding your reader’s mind in your control. But all the words are either same or equal. There are some words that your reader loves to read, love to listen, and love to feel. One of the tricks is that if your reader spots those powerful words he tends to remain on the page.

Therefore here below are the lists of words that are powerful and which you can use them in your copy writing.

  1. Free

    The first powerful word is that called free. It is a universal truth that when people hear the word “free” a kind smile arises on their faces no one like to miss it. It may be in the form of free tickets for some picnic places, shops and buy one and get one free etc. To summarize people always look for a great bargains and they make sure of getting something for free is the ultimate prize. Therefore the word free is so powerful that it has a great effect on people’s tastes and behaviours. For example if we consider two similar products – most probably one price will be different form the other. Certainly – people go for expensive and more quality things.

    However your reader does not care about the discounts in prices when the word free in nearby. When you use the word free in your copy and are actually offering something for free, make sure yourself to be prepared and looking for a bargain and don’t really want to connect with your brand.

    Copywriters can’t just consider factual and grammatical accuracy, rhythm and clarity of ideas – although all these things are important. To write copy that generates a reaction, copywriters must dig into the emotional and psychological impact of the words we use.

  2. You

    By using the word “you” you make reader to pay attention on your article. When you use the word “you”, you are personalizing the other. Therefore it is good to use more “you “words than “we”, “our” and “us. This is the corner stone for your blog building.

  3. Imagine

    The third powerful word is that “imagine”. When you use a word imagine you taking them journey to another world. A place where there is no pain or sorrow, no frustration or irritation. It’s a better way to open your copywriting.

  4. Because

    The fourth powerful word is that “because”. Through this word you are providing a clear cut vision for your article. When you reason out each thing that you mention in your article, it helps the reader to stay on your page. People will just jump into your page only for this reason.

  5. That

    The fifth powerful word that can be used in our copywriting is “that”. By using this word you invite the reader to focus on specific ideas. You mention in your article the instances that are necessary for your reader. However, the word “that” helps your reader to understand, betters the theme.

  6. Instantly

    Nowadays most of our dealings are like instant copy. We can could our mind’s desire to the place where we are. But delayed gratification is always good and healthy. It’s also an important subject among neuroscientists.

    This interests your reader as marketers because it creates a special interest in them. We also look for things of yesterday. Several studies have shown them.

    The words like “instant,” “immediately,” or even “fast” are helping the midbrain activity and remember the past and present things. This is one of the areas where several businesses become too optimistic. It’s a smart way to importance these instant rewards.

  7. Do: Make things easy to share on social media:

    Sharing is an important part in today’s world. The content which is shared on social media is not just an excellent way for marketing but it also shows up in search results. Content which gets spread widely on social media gets viral itself..

  8. New

    The seventh powerful word is that “New”. When you say it looks quiet impossible. Through this you are throwing light on how important is the newness means. Specially in your products because it’s easier to excite your customers with new structures and skill. Majority of your customers look ahead for the innovations and seek perfection.