What is content writing? It is a process of planning, writing, and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It includes writing blogs, articles and scripts for videos.

The most important thing I’ve learned from content writing is choosing the right words, and the importance of great content. Good content highly drives marketing in almost every aspect. While good content brings followers, great content generates higher conversion rates. Other than this it helped me with a lot of knowledge about Research, time management, choosing right words, editing, communication skills, SEO, originality, SMO, copywriting, knowledge of social media and a lot more…

There is also one thing I realized that no matter how much efforts you put in, some writers are better than others. What makes these writers better is the difference of how they research and function to make their content exceptional.

In this digital era, where there are number of content websites, only writing what is on your mind is not enough, pairing your talent with the right way of processing is all what is takes to make the content remarkably good.

Some tips of writing content are:

  • Do a lot of research: Research adds validity to your content. Your readers will not want to read something that has been written out of speculations. By thoroughly researching the proper sources of information , you will increase the quality of your content as research also helps to improve the knowledge of the content writer.
  • Skills of content writer: getting into someone else’s shoes and writing exactly in the same way is now how you should start your content or to make it. There are some writers who have a unique way of writing; you should always take inspiration from them and not to just simply copying their style as the WRITING STYLE IS THE IDENTITY OF THE WRITER.
  • Create a killer title and first paragraph: Giving a good title to your content is very important in content making as the title attracts peoples’ attention at first sight followed by the first paragraph. They will only be interested in reading the rest of the article only if they will find these two interesting.
  • Content should not be exaggerated and kept simple: while creating content it should be taken care that the content should not be exaggerated as most of the people may not be able to understand your complex sentence structure and vocabulary. When you write, keep the audience in mind and try to write simple. Even a child should be able to understand what you are trying to convey.
  • on your work: writing wants deep focus from your end, which at times is hard to have.
  • Have a solid understanding and latest updates of SEO: You must have regular updates for online promotions all the time you write so that you must go with the trend. Create SEO friendly description and title, use your keyboard effectually and always keep an eye on latest algorithms changed by Google.
  • Prepare yourself to meet deadlines: There is indeed some deadline that you must set or must be always having. Delivering good content on time shows how professional and good you are n your work, it shows that you are someone who can be relied on. If you find yourself stressed with work then probably you must be overloaded woith a lot of work. If you complete your task them you must have time to proof your article and a brief grammar check is very necessary before handing over your work.
  • Focus on single purpose: You must find at least one key message that you want to convey through your content. Keep this in mind while writing and tie your content to the focus point as much as possible.
  • Write in unique voice: You should always keep one thing in mind that the content you publish in the voice of your company reflects the image of your company.
  • Use digital content: The best digital content often consist of short paragraphs, short sentences and bulleted lists.
  • Edit your work: After creating the first draft, go back and check how much rough edges you need to polish in your writing. It is a fact that writing of a person improves as it goes through two or three rounds of edits (even in the case of highly experienced content creators).
  • As soon as you get an idea, jot down the ways you could develop it.
  • Depth and length of your content should always match. There are 2 things that make writing difficult to read. One is not giving enough detail and just covering the spotty ideas. The other one is giving too much of details which is not needed. So the writer must ensure not to make any of these.

These were some of the things I learned till now for being a good content maker